Angie Huffman: You Were Probably There

FREE: open to the public
January 09 — March 07
10:00 AM — 4:00 PM
Weaver Lobby Gallery and McIlrath Landing Gallery

Angie Huffman

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 9  |  5 - 7 pm


Angie Huffman, a photorealist painter living and working in Marion, IA, utilizes old photographs as a source for creating her work.

The work’s core theme has been individuals living their lives without immediate concern, or arguably with dismissal, of society and its arbitrary pressures and expectations. This focus has been shifting towards women and children specifically, with the hope that the work will draw attention to the innate strength they possess that may be overlooked, ignored, and even suppressed.

“Transporting these fragments of time onto canvas gives me ownership over every element in a way photographic reproduction could not, and the level of control I crave in all things. It also freezes them in a state where others can have the opportunity to reflect on their harmony. I invite the viewer to go forth and find unexpected moments of personal radiance in their daily lives as well. Maybe slow down a bit and see things that otherwise would have passed over. Beauty and the mundane do not need to be not mutually exclusive.”