Iowa Films Night: March

Fee: Free-Will Donation
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March 07
6:30 PM — 8:00 PM
Lauridsen Performing Arts Theatre

Where it floods

“Where It Floods“
Written, animated and directed
by Joel Benjamin of Superior, Iowa

A fully animated drama depicting a future
world challenged by the flooding and
devastation of Iowa farmland.
A farmer and his family refuse to leave the
land they have known and farmed for years
when flooding reduces their chances of
survival. Blind stubbornness in the face of
global catastrophe.
Fully illustrated by Joel Benjamin with
voices added.
Animated Drama - 47 minutes


“When Farmers Were Heroes:
The Era of National Corn Husking
Contests“ Heritage Documentaries, Inc.

This film showcases traditional farm skills and
values celebrated throughout the Midwest during
corn husking contests which were broadcast
live on nation-wide network radio, providing
“ear-to-ear” coverage from the early 1920s
through 1941. In 1936, Time magazine declared
corn husking “...the fastest growing sporting
spectacle in the world.” Its popularity served a
role in buoying spirits during the Depression
and was unique in American history.
Historical Documentary - 27 minutes
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