Iowa Films Night - February

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Jack and Andi

Any Kid Anywhere

February 07
6:30 PM — 8:30 PM
Lauridsen Performing Arts Theatre

Jack and Andi

"Jack and Andi “ by Gary Ewing of Mason City

A stubborn guy, and an angel sent to guide him
form the cast for this drama/comedy starring Gary
Ewing & Kristy Neidlinger of Mason City, Iowa.
Jack Scarrett has suffered a brain aneurism.
Angel Second Class Andi is assigned to look after
him, which proves to be no easy chore. Andi’s
heartfelt, but unorthodox methods consistently
backfire. Bending the rules one too many times
God questions Andi’s ability to accomplish the
task at hand.
Long time actor and Forest City chiropractor
Jim Brockhohn makes his directorial debut.
Dramedy - 58 minutes


Any Kid Anywhere:
Sex Trafficking Survivor Stories
Produced by Emmy-Nominated Filmmakers
Kelly &Tammy Rundle with Braking Traffik
Shattering the myth that sex trafficking is just
a big city or third world country crime, this film
reveals the reality of sex trafficking in small
Midwestern communities through the dramatic
and harrowing stories of three brave young
women. Their true accounts of survival send a
message of hope to those already in “the life,”
and provide a cautionary tale that may help
other young people avoid victimization.
Social Documentary - 16 minutes