Preschool Picassos | Ages 3 - 5 years

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June 12 — August 07
10:00 AM — 11:00 AM

June 12: Steve Bormes Preschool Sculptures

            Students will create a metal/plastic sculpture using found objects. Class will begin in the Monte Pearson Gallery to view artist, Steve Bormes’ sculptures and then move down to the Youth Studio. The instructor will demonstrate ideas on how students can use the found object materials, connect items, and will assist students in hot gluing their pieces together as they create a 3-D sculpture. A battery operated light will be included with each sculpture to create a beautiful glow from the inside of the artwork! Sculptures will be ready to take home at the end of class.


June 19: Scratchboard Art

            Students will be introduced to a variety of lines and use their new found knowledge to create a drawing using lines on Scratch-Art Scratchboard. Use a scratch stick, brush, and other drawing tools as well as instructor techniques to create images and effects on pre-inked, china clay coated scratchboard.  


June 26: Clay Owls

            Learn how to create a 3-D Owl sculpture using the “thumb” pinch pot method in this 1-hour class! Students will sculpt an owl with clay step by step process and learn how to “score and slip” to attach clay together, add texture with unusual tools (pasta!) and finally underglaze their owls to give them personality! Clay pieces will stay at the PLAC for the drying and firing process and participants will be called to pick up their pieces approx. 2 weeks after class.


July 10: Clay Teacup & Saucer

            Youngsters will get their first introduction to hand building clay pieces in this one-hour workshop creating a teacup and saucer out of clay! Instructor will guide students step by step to create a pinch pot teacup and coiled handle, as well as a saucer with slab rolled clay and plate form. Students will complete the project by painting a design of their choosing with underglaze paint. Clay pieces will stay at the PLAC for the drying and firing process and participants will be called to pick up their pieces approx. 2 weeks after class.


July 17: Photography & Drawing

            Preschool Picassos will use a mix of handmade art and technology to create visual compositions and photograph with IPads!  Students will learn what a composition is and start by creating a drawing of their family/friends on paper, then be invited to select plants from our outdoor garden to pick and lay on their drawing in a fun and unusual arrangement. Once kiddos place their natural elements they will each get their turn taking photographs of their compositions with an IPad to create artistic photographs! Students will view the PLAC exhibit, Spoonfuls of Inspiration, by artist Brent Herrig for inspiration for the project. The images will then be uploaded to Pixieset after the class by instructor for a digital album that is available for download by the student or family after the class. A link will be given or sent to each participant’s parent with a link to the digital album. Please allow 48 hours after the class ends for the link to be sent, students will be able to take home their drawn images for framing after class ends.


July 24: No regular class, *See Rhythms of the Land Camp*


July 31: Geometric Birds

            Preschool Picassos will use their knowledge of shapes to draw and design their own geometric bird painting and collage! Students will be guided through the bird drawing process and then add their own flare to the bird with shapes, painting the bird and the background and adding some textured papers! Birds artworks will be wet, but ready to take home at the end of this one-hour class.


August 7: Floral Still Life on Printed Paper

            Students ages 3-5yrs will collage backgrounds on paper from painted, drawn, scrapbook, and recycled papers to use as the background to their Still Life Floral artwork. After student’s collage backgrounds, the instructor will lead them through the Still Life process of drawing fresh flowers on the table in front of them. to design over the collaged layers to create a beautiful multi-layered landscape artwork!